Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stray Affections by Charlene Baumbich Book Review

Cassandra Higgins, daycare provider and mother of four boys, buys a snow globe at an collector's convention. The little girl and three dogs bring back memories of her childhood. There are good memories of a grandfather who was understanding and support. There is the troubling memory of being forced to give up a found dog to a pound because her mother said they could not afford to care for it.
One night, as Cassandra contemplates the globe, the snow inside swirls and the figures disappear. Cassandra's life swirls as she tries to understand her relationship with her mother, the impact of the suicide of her father when she was a child, and dealing with her lost dream of becoming a veterinarian.
Cassandra's husband Ken thinks giving her a dog for Christmas is a great idea. But will it help her heal or will it bring up too many hurtful memories?
Stray Affections is a great book for dog lovers and a light read for winter evenings.

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