Monday, October 5, 2009

The Love Revolution by Joyce Meyer

The majority of the people we meet today are unhappy. The root of the problem, says Joyce Meyer, is selfishness. We live for ourselves and are never satisfied. We need to declare war on selfishness.

There are people hurting all around. They need to hear the gospel. They also need to have their practical needs met. We need to do something today to make someone else’s life better. Joyce reminds us that we are to get involved in helping others and not just throw money at projects. She quotes Hybels who encourages Christians to “allow poverty to touch us, to involve us…”

Joyce admits to her own selfishness. It was the only life she knew until she met her husband, Dave, a giver. She reminds us Christ can deal with that sinful nature if we allow Him to renew us. Putting others first is a daily surrender.

Loving people as Jesus wants us to will not happen by accident. We will have to do it on purpose. It will cost us some comfort and some pleasure (but look at what Jesus sacrifices). Love takes effort and always costs something. None of us can claim we don’t know how as Meyers gives lots of practical ideas for showing love near the end of her book.

Meyers believes our participation in the Love Revolution will change the world. We are to live to love, being part of the solution instead part of the problem.

The Love Revolution, FaithWords (Hachette Book Group), #9780446538565

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