Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost in the Middle by Paul David Tripp

Midlife is that time when we realize that many of the dreams we had are just not going to be fulfilled. We realize we have lived so far below God's standard and have disappointed Him in so many ways. We see the evidence of the weakness of our body as it ages.
What is to be the reaction of the Christian to the experience of midlife?
Tripp suggests that midlife is a time of God's grace. The experiences of God's grace during this time may see us lose our precious possessions or our prized accomplishments. We may lose our most valued relationships. There is a purpose in all these results of God's grace.
"Midlife is about the glorious riches of God's grace that call me in my lostness to find something better." (P. 347)
A great book for those in the experience of midlife. It will help identify the true goal of you life in God.
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