Monday, September 27, 2010

Predator by Terri Blackstock

Krista's fourteen year old sister was murdered by a person who followed her every move by way of posts on a social media site.  Krista starts on a campaign to make teens more aware of how dangerous it is to post information that could be used by a stalker.  She also tries to draw out the killer by posting her own revealing information.
The situation becomes more deadly as another girl is attacked.  Krista goes to the web site's CEO to enlist his help.  While reluctant at first, he eventually helps her in her search.
Blackstock has woven an exciting and very believable story.  She depicts a realistic picture with all of the hatred and violence the situation reveals. 
This would be a great book for teens and college age women to read.  It certainly proclaims the danger of revealing your whereabouts, whether you are alone or not, etc., on social media sites.  There is violence described but perhaps that is what is needed for young women to take this issue seriously.
A discussion guide at the back would make this a great book for a teen reading group.

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