Friday, February 11, 2011

Hell's Corner by David Baldacci

I have read all of the Camel Club novels by Baldacci.  This is my least favorite.  There are layers upon layers of deception and I just got tired of it.  Each time a new deception was revealed I felt like yelling, "Enough already."  This much deception layering intrigue spanning from the highest levels of the U. S. and British government to the Mexican and Russian drug lords, could only happen in a novel.
One does learn about nanobots, the next generation of nanorobotics.  And, as always, Baldacci has woven a good story, as complex as it is.  He is a master of intrigue, pushing you on to the next page.  I did read through all 438 pages but at times did think that if this had been the first of the Camel Club books I had read, I may not have ventured to read the others.

Hachette Book Group, 438 pages.

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