Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Interpret Dreams and Visions by Perry Stone

Perry Stone had a vision in 1996 that he shared with others at the time. It was of two tall things with roiling black smoke. It was not until 9/11/2001 that its significance was revealed.
Stone believes that God speaks to believers today and he explains why and how God does so. He takes an in depth look at dreams and visions in the Bible and draws principles from them. He tells how you can recognize the origin of the dream, from God or Satan.
He addresses warning dreams and whether they can be changed by prayer. He recognizes that women are often more receptive to God speaking through dreams and suggests men pay attention to their wife's dreams.
He deals with why God uses symbols in dreams and what the symbols mean (using biblical principles). (He has an interesting aside on whether there are female angels or only male.)
He tells lots of stories from his family, verifying the role of dreams in the believer's life.
Not every believer will receive dreams from God. There is a sensitivity to the spiritual that is required.
If you cannot remember your dreams, Stones says not to be concerned. If a dream is from the Lord (and not the pizza you ate), it will stick with you for several days.
Stone is charismatic. Nonetheless, this is a very balanced and biblical explanation of how God speaks to believers through dreams and visions.

Charisma House, 256 pages.

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