Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mirror Ball by Matt Redman

Matt Redman wants us to live a big, bold, bright life of worship. He has written this book so that we would have a heightened view of Jesus and our lives would be to the glory of His name.
The mirror ball may be small (our life, our church), but it is all about the light, His light. “...God is looking for a people who will take their passion to the next level and begin to shine His light in their everyday lives.” (26)
Redman wants us to be passionate worshipers, not for an hour on Sunday but as a way of life. “If our habit is to love God only in the convenience of a Sunday church service...we're in for a shock. For that may not be love at all.” (35) “Love gives of itself whether it's convenient or inconvenient.” (36) We can say we love God, “But in the end, only a life of devotion will breathe meaning into these words.” (36)
Redman encourages each of us to be an active part of the church. Together we can do much.
“The way we look at God deeply affects our whole perspective on life.” (74) Redman encourages us to always be ready to worship God. “If I wake up one day and cannot think of a reason to bring praise to God, then something is wrong with my spiritual outlook.” (82)
“We are all worshipers of something or someone...” (90) We must put the kingdom of God first and prioritize it and His righteousness above anything else. (93)

The strength of this book is the fifty page discussion guide. It is divided into the eight chapters of the book and contain questions aimed at serious group study. This would be a great book for a small group wanting to pursue passionate worship.

Matt Redman has been leading worship full time since he was twenty. He has written hundreds of worship songs and three books centering on worship. Matt, his wife and their five children currently live on the south coast of England.
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David C Cook, 192 pages.

I received a copy of this book from The B & B Media Group for the purpose of this review.

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