Monday, November 14, 2011

The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson

The city had put the old Barton Building up for a sealed envelope auction. Matilda Honeycutt's bid had won the run down building. No one in Parrish Springs was happy about it.
Matilda began to clean up the old building. She had a sign put out front: Christmas Shoppe.
Newcomer to the city, Susanna was trying to make her way as city manager. Now she was right in the midst of the turmoil caused by the new business.
Tommy was the third generation to own the local paper. But he is getting disgruntled and is contemplating selling out.
When someone sees the boxes of shoddy merchandise Matilda has yet to place on the shelves, the feelings against are even stronger. No one wants a thrift shop right on main street.
There is something different about the items Matilda offers for sale, however. Every time a customer comes in and looks around, a particular item grabs them – and brings them healing.
Tommy didn't understand what was going on in the town. People who had been against her shop were now singing her praises. Maybe it was something in the water, or in the air. Maybe the entire town was possessed by some weird force. Then Tommy visited the shop himself.
Nobody knew exactly when Matilda left Parish Springs. They just knew the town was never the same.

What a sweet Christmas story! Hurts healed. People changed. The best gifts of Christmas. Carlson has created a wonderful story.

Revell, 168 pages.

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