Friday, December 9, 2011

Deadly Pursuit by Irene Hannon

Alison Taylor is a social worker whose passion is protecting children from harm. Now it seems someone is out to harm her. She is receiving phone calls that only reveal heavy breathing. She evades telling her overly protective brothers about them, even though both of them work in law enforcement.
Brother Cole sets Alison up on a date with the new detective in the department. Mitch is a former Navy SEAL and recent NYPD SWAT member. Alison reluctantly agrees to this one date.
Alison had no desire to activate her love life. She'd recently been hurt terribly when her fiance had rejected her after it became clear she could not bear children – the result of an auto accident.
But when Alison and Mitch meet, there is instant attraction between them. Alison insists they take it slow.
The blossoming romance is interrupted when her pursuer leaves a bouquet on her doorstep. Black roses with a deadly card. Mitch and her brothers work out a protection plan but it fails when Mitch's father might be experiencing a heart attack. Alison is kidnapped. Will her brothers and Mitch find her in time before her attacker has his revenge?

The first part of this novel I found a bit slow. But the second half is a page turner. All of the parts come together to an exciting attempt at rescue. The main characters are Christians and their faith is well done. The romance is presented well too. I have read several of Hannon's novels and this is a good one.

This is the second in the Guardians of Justice series. You may want to read the first one, Fatal Judgment. This novel reads very well on its own, however.

Irene Hannon has written more than 35 novels. She has won two RITA awards from the Romance Writers of America, The HOLT Medallion, the Daphne du Maurier Award, and two Reviewer's Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews magazine. She lives in Missouri.  See more at

Revell Books, 337 pages. 

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