Friday, February 24, 2012

Embraced by God by Babbie Mason

Have you ever wondered, “Does God really love me?” If so, you are not alone. Babbie has had those thoughts and she has been Christian most of her life.
She writes, “I believe we long to be with Him and desire to be loved completely by Him so that we will stay in His presence – where He desires us to be.” (13-14) Studying Scripture, Babbie came to understand that God loved her as He did His Son.
Babbie realized that this profound understanding of God's love would be meaningful to others so she wrote Embraced by God. In it, she explores the depths of God's love. She provides twenty one days of readings, sharing her experiences, insights, the secrets of her heart, and sometimes a song.
Babbie's book is a manual for developing a deeper love life with God. “There is absolutely nothing more important in the world than developing an intimate, life-changing relationship with Him.” (40) She reflects on seven aspects of our love relationship with the Lord:
God's passion for you is unconditional.
God's picture of you is beautiful.
God's presence in you is perpetual.
God's provision for you is immeasurable.
God's plan for you is exceptional.
God's power in you is accessible.
God's promise in you is incomparable.
She includes areas to consider and act upon and recommends using a notebook. She has practical ideas for people with low self-esteem, feel unloved, or try to fill up their loneliness with things.
Babbie quickly points out that God's unconditional, passionate love for us is not because we qualify for it. It is because of Jesus. He is our provision, our rest, and much more.

I liked her take on success: “Success is not in who you know, but in who knows you.” (276) And her “rubber band theology,” when you faith is stretched to the limit is when you will be launched the farthest in ministry. (326)

Babbie's prayer is that her readers will be changed as they realize God's passionate and complete love for them, that this book will increase their capacity to love Him and receive His love, allowing Him to impact every area of life.
What a good book!
Babbie's message: “You are God's favorite.”

Babbie Mason is a Dove Award-winning and Grammy nominated gospel singer, songwriter, author, and creator of the Embrace: A Worship Event for Women ministry, professor of songwriting at Atlanta Christian College and Lee University, and a television talk-show host. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia. Find out more about her at

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Abingdon Press, 422 pages.  Buy the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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