Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who is this Man? by John Ortberg

Jesus just won't go away – no matter how hard some have tried to get rid of him. His influence has been so great in our world, one has to ask, “Who is this man?”

Ortberg takes us through the life and influence of Jesus. He explores Jesus' birth, comparing him with Herod and reviewing the future of babies in that era. He looks at the events of Jesus' life, identifying his revolutionary compassion and his revolutionary attitude toward women. He looks at Jesus as teacher, his humility in an era of status, and his revolutionary command to love one's enemies. He writes on Jesus' teaching on one's relationship to government, on the nature of goodness and being a good person, and the change Jesus brought in the understanding of marriage.
Ortberg give lots of evidence about the influence of the followers of Jesus, beginning with the disciples and going through to our time, including the influence in art and music. He gives many thumbnail sketches of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus, the good they have done, and how they evidence the character qualities of Jesus.

Ortberg presents a wealth of background information in each of these areas. He really helps us understand the culture of Jesus' day. I was interested in his writing about how women were treated then. I had read some and knew quite a bit about the topic but found out more from Ortberg's book.

This is another in the line of books verifying that Jesus is who he said. The strength in this book is the vast amount of background material Ortberg has provided. It would certainly be a close-minded person who could still believe Jesus was only a regular human after reading this book.

John Ortberg is the pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, California. He is the best-selling author of several books. He and his wife have three grown children.  See more at: http://zondervan.com/ortbergj

Zondervan, 220 pages. 

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