Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seaside Harmony by Evangeline Kelley

Sam had the idea to bring her sisters together at Nantucket, just like their family had done every summer all those decades ago. While their dad had been gone for some time, they'd lost their mother just six months ago. Sam knew the sisters needed to be together.
Caroline, Sam's oldest sister was sixty one, a travel writer living in England. She'd never married. Caroline traveled a great deal and rarely made it back to the states to see her sisters. Gracie, the middle sister, had wanted to be an architect but when she married, had put her energies into her home and family. Living in Portland, Maine, Gracie missed her husband of forty years but kept busy with her grandchildren. Sam was the youngest at fifty two. She had
been an elementary school teacher and was somewhat enjoying her retirement, transferring her energies to cooking.
Caroline and Gracie had fought like cats and dogs when they were kids. Sam had always been the peacemaker. And she was doing it again. She hoped getting her sisters together for two weeks at their childhood vacation place would encourage them to come to terms with their differences and find a way to get along.

The sisters caught up, reminisced, and were having a pretty good time. One day they walked the beach and came across the old inn where their mother had taken them for tea. As they came closer, they realized something was wrong with the landmark. The colonial style building was abandoned. The windows were shuttered. The plants were overgrown. And hiding in the brush was a weather worn “For Sale” sign.

Caroline was taken with the past memories and the future possibilities of the Misty Harbor Inn. When she suggested the three sisters use the money they inherited from their mother to go together and buy the decrepit inn, sparks begin to fly.

This was a fun novel to read. Coming from a family of four sisters, I loved reading about the interaction of Caroline, Gracie and Sam. Each sister has a unique personality. Each one has hurts they need to deal with, misunderstandings they need to conquer. But sister blood is thick and it was a delight to read how the sisters worked it all out. There is just a hint of romance and mystery to liven up the action too.

Evangeline Kelley is the pen name for the writing team of Patti Berg, Pam Andrews & Barbara Hanson, and Camy Tang. Each of them has published novels individually, but this is their first series together. Patti and her husband live in southwestern Idaho and you can find out more about her at http://pattiberg.com/ Pam & Barbara are a mother-daughter writing team, having written nearly thirty books together. Pam taught at the university level for fifteen years. She and her college professor husband have two sons. Follow her blog at http://pamshanson.blogspot.com. Barbara had already written twenty-one novels before she began writing with her daughter. She is the mother of four anf grandmother of eight. She lives with Pam and her family in Nebraska. Camy graduated from Stanford University and worked as a biologist researcher for nine years before turning to writing full time. She and her engineer husband live in San Jose, California. Find out more at http://camytang.com/.

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Guidepost Books, 336 pages.
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I received a complimentary egalley of this book for the purpose of this review.

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