Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why God Why? by Karen Jensen

Awful things happen. Haven't you cried out, “Why, God, why?”

Karen has written this book from her own experience to help those in painful situations. She knows that God will bring you through the hard times. He wants to heal your broken heart and help you embrace a bright future.

Karen's husband died suddenly at age thirty-seven. She asked God serious questions and encourages you to do the same. Be honest with God, she advises.

What is crucial, Karen writes, is what you do after you've asked the questions. That is the main purpose of her book – to help you find out what to do after you've asked the questions.

She helps you understand how to control and replace your thoughts, to relax in God's hold on you, to trust God's plan for your life, to know that others are praying for you, to trust in an unchanging God, to understand the reason evil things happen, to walk in the vision the Bible has for your life, be assured your place in heaven is secure, and that God's love will never fail.

She uses biblical stories and those from people she knows to illustrate the truths she promotes. At the end of each chapter Karen has included a “Now Engage” section with Scripture and affirmations related to the truth in it. These are great for meditation and memorization.

Karen writes from a charismatic viewpoint that includes the following: “It is never His will for people to be sick. It is always His will to heal us.” “God doesn't cause sickness or any other trial or trouble.” (89) She fails to address Paul's so called thorn in the flesh, nor does she write about God disciplining those He loves and how He might do that. Because of those omissions, I rate the book four stars, not five.

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Karen Jensen has been in ministry for almost thirty years and has been writing for almost forty. She and her husband traveled as itinerant ministers and pioneered two churches. Her husband died unexpectedly in 1997 and she became senior pastor of their church in Boise, Idaho. She raised her two teenage sons to be on fire for the Lord. She is now an instructor at Rhema Bible Training College in Oklahoma. She also travels internationally to share her message. Find out more about her and her ministry at

Charisma House, 226 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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