Friday, November 22, 2013

The War on Christmas, Bodie Hodge Gen. Ed.

Christmas is under attack, Bodie writes. The subtle move of replacing the Bible as the authority for truth has progressed into a demand to remove God and His Word from every area of life.

Bodie has compiled this book so we will know what we are celebrating. A variety of contributors write about aspects of Christmas. Topics covered include the meaning of Jesus' birth including why He came, the history of the Dec. 25 date, the uncertainty of the actual birth date, the real meaning of Xmas, what is really known about the wise men, whether the angels sang, the significance of the name “Jesus”, misconceptions about the Christmas star, the history of the idea of Mary's perpetual virginity, what is real and what is tradition in nativity scenes, suggestions how to handle “Santa”, and the importance of Adam and the Genesis account for a true understanding of Christmas.

The writers inform us as to the truth of Christmas. “Far too often traditions have been the basis of our thinking, and we end up believing things that are not found in Scripture,” Tim Chaffey notes. (63)

Potential readers should be aware that Ken Ham adds a chapter at the end of the book noting the importance of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in the battle over the authority of the Word of God.

This would be a good book for families who have not been raised in a Christian setting and are not familiar with the biblical account of Jesus' birth. We are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and are informed as to what is mere tradition.

The format of the book is artistic with wonderful photos and graphics added. There are twenty three chapters so this would make a wonderful family devotion for Advent.

Bodie Hodge has been a writer, speaker, and researcher for Answers in Genesis since 2003.

Master Books, 144 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Handlebar Publicity for the purpose of this review.

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