Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Designed for Devotion by Dianne Neal Matthews

Matthews goes through the entire Bible in this devotional. She highlights major events and characters, gives some background, and includes practical application. She also discusses some topics as they come up in the Scripture.

This is not a theologically deep devotional. It would make a great choice for someone new to the Bible, who would like to have an overview of its story. As a seasoned Christian, I benefited from it too. It was good to be reminded of the stories I've read before but with some new insights given.

We are encouraged to read through the Bible in a year. If that is something you have tried but have not been successful in doing, this devotional would make a good alternative.

Dianne Neal Matthews has written a number of devotionals, magazine articles, and stories for compilation books. She speaks at woman's groups and teaches at writers' conferences. She and her husband live in the Salt Lake City area. You can find out more at www.DianneNealMatthews.com.

Baker Books, 384 pages.

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