Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shift Your Brilliance by Simon T. Bailey

This book, the author writes, is for people “who want to shift toward more positive thinking and are ready to work to create a better future...”

It is Bailey's belief that human beings are pre-wired to be brilliant but we settle for less. We need to shift our thinking and he gives many examples of people and businesses experiencing success by doing so. He provides a questionnaire to help us identify if we need a shift in thinking.

He provides the steps to get moving:
  • See differently (change your mindset, clear your vision)
  • Harness the power of You, Inc.
  • Ignite a fresh vision
  • Fuel your mind (be a life long learner)
  • Take the wheel (ownership, maybe u-turns)
  • Engage your gears (maximizing your energy)
  • Restart your engine (how to know when it is time)

This is a good book of encouragement, to assess where you are, to think of where you can be, and instruction on how to get there. I really liked his section on rejection – what a shift in thinking!

He has added reflection questions after each chapter.

Food for thought: “Each moment of each day, you have the choice to go beyond your potential.” (132)

Visit www.shiftyourbrilliance.com and www.simontbailey.com for more information, tips, and tools.

Simon T. Bailey was previously Sales Director of Disney Institute at Walt Disney World. He launched the Brilliance Institute, Inc., and is the author of Release Your Brilliance.

Sound Wisdom, 160 pages.

I received a complimentary ARC of this book through the Book Club Network for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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