Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weep Not for the Dead by Gina Burgess

It has been a while since I've read a good old swashbuckling science fiction novel like this one.

The year is 2051 and Captain Clinton Kincaid is on his way to Mars. He is suddenly transported 100 years into the future. He has been in the care of the Croth, a people who are now trying to preserve life on earth. They want to train Kincaid to make a mission back to Earth, to help humans restore extinct animals.

Time is of the essence, however, as there is another group racing to Earth. The Draumans want to enslave humans and repopulate the planet with their own people. Can Kincaid get there in time and convince the humans of his benevolent mission?

There is much to like about this novel. There is future technology including accelerated space travel, space stations, and ecto-brains. There are exciting space battles with narrow escapes and clever maneuvering of space craft. Overall, the action is great.

There is much to think about in the novel too. The Draumans' planet is dying so they must find another planet for their people. The inhabitants of Earth have not been good stewards of their planet either. It was good to see, however, that humans had finally learned some lessons about taking care of their habitation.

I was fascinated with the spiritual aspect of the novel. There is at least one territory that has outlawed Christianity. Believers had established a Christian community at an outpost, hidden from most means of detection. Even though they exist in temporary safety, the Christians are always in danger.

Add a good dose of humorous dialog and a little romance and you have a great science fiction novel in the style of the original Star Trek television programs. I loved it.

Gina Burgess grew up in Monroe, Louisiana. After raising her family she went back to school and ultimately earned a Master's in Communication at Spring Arbor University. For more than thirty-five years she has taught Sunday School and Discipleship Training. She has been an editor for several publications and writes weekly for and Check out her blog,, and her book reviews at

Christian Publishing House, 360 pages. You can buy a copy here.

I received a complimentary digital file of this novel from the author for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

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