Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sidetracked by Brandilyn Collins

Thirty-four year old Delanie Miller had left behind her dark past and was trying to live a quiet life in a rural Kentucky town. When Delanie's friend is murdered and Delanie discovers the body, her quiet life is shattered and her past rears its ugly head.

Delanie was actually Laura Denton who, at sixteen, had arrived home from school one day to find her mother brutally murdered. The horror of that discovery was magnified when she was arrested and convicted of the murder. The evidence was damning. Someone had done such a good job of framing her, there was no viable defense.

This is a great novel of suspense. We experience the horror of Laura knowing she did not murder her mother yet being convicted and being sentenced. We feel the betrayal when her father comes to the conclusion she must be guilty, and when he marries way too soon after her mother's death. When Laura gets out of prison, it is not over. For her a greater terror is just beginning.

I really liked how Collins developed the character of Laura/Delanie. She struggles with her faith after her arrest yet finds strength from it at the suspenseful end.

Brandilyn Collins is the best-selling author of nearly thirty books. Find out more about her and her books at

Challow Press, 301 pages.

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