Sunday, December 31, 2023

A Different Kind of Gone by Catherine Ryan Hyde Book Review

About the Book:

When nineteen-year-old Jill Moss goes missing near the Utah-Arizona border, everyone has an opinion. Only Norma Gallagher, a search and rescue volunteer, knows the real story.

Norma’s already found Jill, huddled in a cave and terrified that her abusive boyfriend, Jake, will kill her. If he ever sees her again. To protect Jill from a dangerous man, Norma quietly delivers the girl to her grateful parents in California, even though she’s conflicted. Keeping Jill safe and hidden from Jake, the press, and the public will be their secret. But secrets can’t last forever.

Five years later, the disappearance stirs a new media frenzy when Jake is arrested for the murder of Jill Moss―and Norma knows he didn’t kill her. As Jake is about to stand trial, lust for retribution inflames public opinion and Jill’s family refuses to come forward, forcing Norma to make a life-changing decision.

What are the consequences if she stays silent? And what are the risks if she dares to finally tell the truth?

My Review:

Our actions have ramifications. One choice can change the lives of so many. But, can one act change the world, or even a part of it? Can one act make right that which is wrong?

This is an interesting novel of choices, relationships, and secrets. There is quite an exploration of character, whether one is totally a monster or if there are good parts and bad parts in each of us. The plot might have been predictable but still an entertaining novel as there are thought provoking aspects to it, such as not believing it when domestic abuse is indicated.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

About the Author:

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of more than 40 published and forthcoming books.

Lake Union Publishing, 300 pages.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

(My star ratings: 5-I love it, 4-I like it, 3-It's OK, 2-I don't like it, 1-I hate it.)