Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry

Free Kindle download.  Billy is sort of an ordinary fellow in West Virginia.  He ends up building a radio station and therein lies the tale.
The first half of the book (200 pages) was slow going.  I had to almost force myself to read it.  The second half, however, really caught my attention.  The story comes together in that second half so don't give up on the book too soon.
There are various issues dealt with in the book: teen molestation and pornography, dealing with hurts and disappointments in life, the meaning of music in one's life, and trusting another person with the deep things of the heart.
There is an angel involved with short chapters from his perspective from time to time.  I think those detract from the book.  The angel's experiences seem to be a little "off" to me.
All in all a pretty good read. 
Tyndale House Publishers, 400 pages. 

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