Monday, November 15, 2010

Tandem by Tracey Bateman

Vampires in a Christian novel? With the success of the Twilight series of vampire novels, Bateman has given Christians an alternative reading experience.

Tandem is the sequel to her earlier vampire adventure, Thirsty. Bateman has created a world where some vampires give in to the craving for human blood while others take a higher moral road and only hunt animals. Vampires with the differing views clash and it appears for a time that the evil ones will win.
An interesting aspect of this novel is that Bateman addresses the issue of God and redemption. Can a vampire be redeemed? One of the vampires is convinced hunting for blood is morally wrong and the only way to God is to withdraw from doing so. Without the nourishing blood, he dies. It is left to the reader to contemplate his eternal destination.
Bateman's vampire novel, would be an alternative to the Twilight series for older teens. I can see them being discussed in Christian youth groups or teen reading groups. There is plenty of meat in here (no pun intended) for discussion regarding God, redemption and vampires.

Waterbrook Press, 312 pages.

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