Thursday, January 20, 2011

Health Care You Can Live With by Dr. G. Scott Morris

Morris knows health care has to change. He also knows health care is not just broken bodies. It is broken lives too.
The Bible is clear that God's people are to care for the poor, the sick, widows and orphans. He suggests churches and Christians get involved by reclaiming the biblical mandate for healing. Historically Christians offered hospitals. The situation changed in the nineteenth century when hospitals became places to heal the sick and church became places to heal the spirit.
Expensive technology “doesn't make you better.” (35) “So forget the expensive machines,” he advises. (36) What really makes people healthy is, “Understanding what it means to be well – body and spirit.” (38) “Being disease free does not make you healthy. In fact, disease has little to do with whether a person is well.” (81) He says, “...wellness has to do with whether the person can see God's presence in a way that draws the person forward into the glory of the kingdom of God.” (81)
“No one else can change your level of wellness,” he says. “You have to do that for yourself.” (112) “We cannot truly be well without the virtues. They are fundamental to understanding how we are connected to God to God and how God wants us to be connected to each other.” (119)
Morris runs a clinic in Tennessee for those unable to afford health care. People who visit the clinic see a health coach and are taught about nutrition, activity, family, emotional life, work, and faith.
Morris has the “conviction that God's will is for you to live a full, abundant life in God's kingdom.” (235) His book has a model for healthy living and gives the reader a framework for implementing a wellness plan.
Reading this book will help you to plan your life and faith and move toward genuine wellness.

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