Friday, January 21, 2011

Winning the Culture War by Linda Rae Hermann

Hermann believes God has an exceptional and unique calling for America. Those with Marxist/socialist goals have infiltrated America's influential institutions, however. Hermann believes America can be restored to its original covenant with God. She seeks Cultural Warriors to help in the task.

She bases her work on Puritan prophecies, as recorded by Edward Johnson. “The Puritans believed that the completion and perfecting of the Reformation was a requirement for the initiation of the millennium.” (39) “The settling of New England (America) was the next grand moment in God's plan to complete the Protestant Reformation and prepare for Christ's return.” (52) “His covenant with the Christians and the nation of America was the last covenant-relationship God established with a nation.” (53) The first Puritans, “believed they were God's chosen Gentile people and nation – His New England Israel.” (42) “The colonists' goal was to create a form of government that would prefigure the kind of rule Christ would use after He returned.” (42) They believed it was God's plan to “use America to help restore Israel to its original status as God's chosen people...” (208) America was to be a City upon a Hill, prefiguring the New Jerusalem. Hermann says, “...the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are appendages to God's moral law.” (127)
But socialism is the “adversary that has worn away the Judeo-Christian composition of our nation.” (5) She believes that beginning in the 1960s, “God allowed Satan to release demons from the pit of hell to test and refocus our nation.” (106) “We are presently in a battle for our republic and our democracy.” (102)
“America has a job to finish.” (217) “Only we can restore our nation to fulfill its prophetic calling.” (217) “Christians will have to reenter the institutions presently controlled by liberals … The churches...will have to become the training ground (the boot camps) for producing … Culture Warriors.” (26-7) She suggests an 8-10 week course, with perhaps her book as part of the course materials. She also suggests small groups be formed around the workplace, helping Christians influence those areas. Christians need to be reintroduced to their intellectual and moral heritage, she claims, and provides a chapter on developing reasoning skills, including a section on the ten commandments. She has provided a web site for those wanting to join the movement:
My evaluation? Much of Hermann's work is based on the Puritan prophecies. She treats them as infallible. But she has had her own experience that shows such prophecies can frequently go very wrong. She tells the story of her husband being prophesied over, that he would be an evangelist. “Anyone with any sense knew he was not called to be an evangelist. He didn't have the gifts, talents, or abilities for the calling. However, that was the disorder and dysfunction of many of the ministries that arose in the Jesus Movement.” (121) “It's so easy to accept the lie from Satan that God has a great work, something enormous and influential for you.” (122)
Hermann might have taken her own warning. Should so much store be placed those Puritan prophecies? I think not. Most Bible scholars conclude that America really has no place in biblical prophecy.
I would be discriminating when reading this book.

This book was provided for review in an egalley form by AMG Publishers.

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Linda Rae Hermann said...

The Puritans received prophecies that told them go to America to initiate a new kind of nation and government. Those prophecies came true; they were fulfilled. That is the standard for judging prophecies, they come true. Therefore, it is not faulty or non-spiritual to base my arguments and ideas on those fulfilled Puritan prophecies. The prophecy for my husband did not come true; therfore, it was a false prophecy. To ignore those prophecies that come true would be to question God's ability and creative power to continue to influence and use history for His purposes. The Puritans received confirmation for their prophecies through "rhema," God speaking to them through Scriptures, which is a common experience for all believers and a major way of knowing God's will for our lives as well as God's will for a nation.

Thank you for reading my book and commenting on it. LRH