Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enough by Dr. Helen Roseveare

This thin book is a treasure. Dr. Helen Roseveare went to the Congo in 1953. She pioneered vital medical work in the rainforests of what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Throughout her live and service, she was continually learning that Jesus was enough.
He became enough when the hospital compound at Nobobongo was taken over by soldiers in 1964. Held for five months, she was sexually assaulted and humiliated. She realized she was privileged to identify with Christ and his sufferings in a new way and was able to return to her medical mission work in 1965.
She was deathly ill when she went home on her first furlough. Then a friend sent her a letter with Hosea 2:16. She was rejuvenated and returned to the Congo. Seven years later, during an uprising, she was wrongly accused of embezzling funds from the nurses' college.
She faced the battle within her of wanting recognition for her work. She learned Jesus was enough.
Roseveare lives in the amazement of the patience of God, putting up with all her failings and weaknesses. She came to realize that her love for her Savior had to displace all other loves.
“Hallelujah!” she writes. “He has enough of everything I need. He is my sufficiency for every single day of my life, whatever it holds of joy or sorrow, blessing or challenge,of pleasure or pain.” (70)
This little book is only 78 pages but holds a wealth of lessons the author has learned. What an inspiration!

Christian Focus Publications, 78 pages.

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