Saturday, March 3, 2012

John Newton by Jonathan Aitken

Aitken has written a very readable account of John Newton's life, from his time on the slave ships to his ministry in the Church at Olney. Although Newton encountered God on a slave ship, he stumbled in his spirituality for years. Those early years are in great contrast to his commitment to his spiritual walk in his later years.
As Aitken writes, “The first lesson that any new believer can learn from Newton is that a sinner is not transformed into a Christ-centered soul by a single conversion experience but by the long, unremitting, and courageous effort that conversion begins.” (352)
Newton had a great influence on William Wilberforce and lived long enough to see the slave trade abolished in England.

One should always have an inspiring biography at hand. Aitken's account of Newton's life is a testimony to the grace of God, encouraging the Christian reader. I highly recommend it.

Crossway, 356 pages.

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