Monday, October 24, 2016

Has Anyone Ever Seen God? by Carolyn Larsen

This is a small book that can be given to someone who is searching for answers about God and the Bible. Larsen has accumulated 101 questions frequently asked by those investigating Christianity and has given short answers. Topics covered include what God is like, how He interacts with people, creation, the Bible and some of what it teaches.

The answers provided are very simple. Just by the nature of the book, small and compact, each question gets one page, a few paragraphs. That is not very much information when entire books have been written on some of the questions included. Also, there is no intellectual rigor evident, that is, no footnotes nor verification of statements included. Probably most disappointing to me was that there was no information to help a reader investigate an interesting topic further, such as suggested books to read.

That being said, I was impressed with the style of the answers. Larsen is honest in admitting not knowing an answer. Such was the case with the classic question, if God is powerful enough to stop evil from happening, why doesn't He? When Christians disagree on an answer, she has given both sides. Such is the case with the question of whether God changes His mind.

On occasion, the answers are just not adequate. Such is the case with the question, “Why does God allow people to suffer?” Many books have been written trying to answer this question to readers' satisfaction. I can't imagine a non-Christian reading the answer given here and at all being satisfied with it.

This book is for a person with almost no knowledge of Christianity and the Bible. Larsen answers basic questions such as the definition of a testament and what chapter and verse references are.

If this book is given as a gift to someone, I recommend the giver stay close at hand. A reader truly investigating Christianity will want to know much more than what is included in this book. The book might be a springboard to more intense discussions so, before you give the book to someone, be sure you are willing to study the questions further.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

Carolyn Larsen is the author of more than forty books that help draw readers closer to God.
Amylee Weeks has a whimsical art style that reflects her faith and love for God.

Tyndale Momentum, 112 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.

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