Monday, December 3, 2012

Resurrect by David E. Stevens

The plot is not new. There is a comet that is going to destroy the earth. Something needs to be done to change the course of the comet to save the future of mankind.
This novel, however, has a few twists I've not seen before.

Navy Commander Josh Logan waits as long as possible to eject from his burning fighter jet. He prevents the jet from crashing into a housing area but dies from the late ejection.
Except that he wakes up a year later in a hospital room with a new body and a new face and hearing a voice that ultimately tells him about the comet and his task of averting it.
Since the comet is not detectable at this time, Josh, now Josh Meadows, cannot go to the government for help. How he manages to get the financing, the personnel, the technology, etc., is quite a story. The author's knowledge of military and governmental operations comes through loud and clear.
The first half of the book I thought a tad bit slow, but in the second half, hang on to your seats! The CIA finds out about the operation and the CIA Director is determined to shut it down. The suspense is great.

Besides the suspense, there were some ideas in this book I found fascinating. While Josh's nurse (for whom he develops affection) is a Christian, Josh is not. He is having a discussion with the voice he hears and the subject turns to the origin of the universe.
Their discussion includes some very insightful ideas. First, the concepts of science at the quantum mechanics level are not intuitive. Scientists are willing to accept particle behavior that is not understandable (such as action at a distance) yet are not willing to accept ideas of origins that are not understandable.
Second, scientists are willing to accept dimensions that are invisible and not detectable, yet are not willing to accept an invisible and non-detectable heaven.
And third, a discussion on a singularity and the origin of the universe. Quantum mechanics says the two states, nothingness and the singularity, could exist at the same time until an observer locked the singularity into reality. (Think of Shrodinger's cat in a box and its possibility of being both alive and dead, until observed to be one or the other.)
I have a degree in physics and have read much on origins and arguments for the existence of God. I have never seen these insights before. Well done, Stevens!

This a fine suspense novel. It also has many ideas worthy of more thought. Interestingly enough, this might be a good book to give to your scientifically savvy unsaved friend. You could then have some very interesting discussions about God and the origin of the universe.

This book was a Colorado Gold finalist for Best Action Thriller of the Year and is the first in a trilogy. Go to to find out more and get a sneak preview of the second book in the trilogy.

David E. Stevens was a Navy fighter pilot with hundreds of aircraft carrier landings. He holds degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan with graduate work in astrophysics. With a Top Secret clearance, he served as Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and led classified defense programs.

Monarch Books (distributed by Kregel Publications), 383 pages.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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