Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ask Me Anything, Lord by Heather C. King

If you're like me, you ask God lots of questions. Heather did too. She was surprised when God asked her a question. “What do you want me to do for you?” She realized God was searching her heart, revealing her inner desires.

As she studied the Bible, she saw many questions that God asked. These were not questions for God to increase His knowledge. They were questions to break through the walls we create and to clean out the deep places of the heart.

Here are a few of the questions and the lessons Heather gleaned from them. Using God's question to Cain about his brother, Heather writes about our living in community and reflecting God's love. Using God's question to Hagar, we learn that God always has a plan, even when all seems lost. We learn how to explore the tools God has given us from the question He asked Moses. From the question God asked His disciples when the 5,000 needed to be fed, we see that God can do the impossible with the meager offering we give Him.

Heather has included a study session at the end of each section (nine total). There are questions, Scripture to review, a verse to memorize, and suggestions for journaling.

This is a great book for women who want to know God better and learn how to hear His voice. Even if you're a seasoned Christian this would be a great book as it brings to your experience a new way of studying Scripture. It will also give you a new perspective on familiar stories.

If you are willing to have God's questions penetrate the deep places in your heart, you will benefit from this book.

Heather C. King is a Bible study teacher, women's ministry leader, and blogger. She and her husband and their two children live in Virginia. You can follow her blog at

Discovery House Publishers, 261 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through a publicity group for the purpose of this honest review.

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