Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seeing the Voice of God by Laura Harris Smith

God certainly spoke through dreams in biblical times. Is He silent now?

Laura argues that God still speaks to us through dreams. We just need to be paying attention. To help us do that, she has written this book. She includes biblical teaching on how to hear God's voice and how to see God's voice through dreams and visions.

She shares her classification of dreams so we know what to do with a dream when we have one. Some require immediate application while others must be soaked in prayer and patience. She looks at the physical obstacles that prevent dreams from coming and reports on the importance of sufficient sleep. She suggests supplements and techniques for better sleep. She also helps us with the issues we might have that are keeping us from hearing His voice or preventing us from hearing (and seeing) clearly. (I really liked her discussion of the five voices we hear in our head.) She also has a chapter on the counterfeit work of Satan.

She devotes a chapter to symbols. She does note that God will use symbols particular to the individual so what a symbol means to one person may not have the same meaning for another. The list is extensive, though. This is probably the chapter a reader will go back to again and again. She does remind us that the Holy Spirit is the best interpreter of dreams.

At the end of each chapter she has included a prayer and an invitation to receive from God.

Research shows that we can have up to 36 dreams a night. Even though Laura acknowledges that some dreams might be what are called “pizza” dreams, she thinks all dreams are from God – no matter how bazaar. “Dreaming itself is from Him,” she writes, “so I never dismiss a dream without praying first.”

NOTE: This is a book for Christians who believe God speaks today and that spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare are active today. The author was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1993 and has seen visions of angels and demons.

Laura Harris Smith is the founding co-pastor of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship with her husband, Chris. She has been a television actor, launched a Christian dinner theater,and is an author of multiple books. She and Chris have six children, all homeschooled. Find out more at or You can find Laura on Facebook at She suggests you “like” her page to be notified of new videos or answers to questions. You can find her video-casts at

Chosen Books, 256 pages.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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