Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman with Marjorie Russell

You may recognize her from Sewing With Nancy, the longest-running sewing show on North American television. In Seams Unlikely, she tells her inspiring story for the first time.

When Nancy was fourteen months old, she contracted Bell's palsy. Half of her face was affected. Despite attempts to remedy the situation over the years, her face still shows the results. She is not the woman one might think would have such a long running television program and create a multi-million dollar empire.

She shares her experience of growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm. She joined 4-H when she was ten, taking sewing as her project the first term. As she progressed to further projects, she realized she had found where she belonged.

She had facial surgeries during high school. There was some success but the right side of her face still draws down and her right eye does not close. She also had other medical issues, getting pneumonia at age 15, then knee problems with repeated surgeries. (Even now she cannot kneel, squat, run, ski or skate.)

It was interesting to read how she went into television, negotiating her own contracts. Then she added selling sewing supplies, creating a catalog, expanding to become Nancy's Notions. As the world of sewing changed, she discovered landscape quilting. It re-ignited her passion for fabric and all its possibilities.

She writes about the people who influenced her, about her family and her children. She also shares how hard it was to make the decision to sell the business. She still writes on her blog three times a week and keeps up on social media with those interested in sewing.

Hers is an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles. "Each of us faces challenges," says Nancy, the former Wisconsin Woman of the Year and public television darling. "Some are larger than others. But what happens to us does not define us unless we let it." Read this book and be encouraged.

You can watch a book trailer and read an excerpt of the book here.You can also search YouTube for to see some of the Sewing With Nancy episodes.

Nancy Zieman has been married to Richard for 36 years and they have two sons, Ted and Tom. She continues to host Sewing with Nancy,which her fans loyally tune in to public television to watch. Learn more at http://seamsunlikely.com/.

Glass Road, 301 pages. You can buy the book here.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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