Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fulfilled - The NIV Devotional Bible for Single women

Being a single woman in America is not unusual. The latest U.S. census indicated there are more single/divorced/widowed women than married ones.

In that category myself, I know the challenges of living single. When I was offered the opportunity to review this Bible, I quickly accepted.

I really appreciate the devotions, all written by single women. Some have never been married. Others are on their own, having lost their husband. They all understand how single women feel in a world that often labels them as misfits. The devotions cover issues like depression, grief, divorce, peace, waiting, bitterness, loneliness, and many more. There are over one hundred in all, spread through the text. Each one has a quote and a prayer as well. They serve to inspire us to continue in our Christian walk and also feel more comfortable with being single.

Another feature of the Bible is highlighted verses – ones that are especially meaningful to single women. There are also interesting profiles of nineteen single women in the Bible. They are encouraging vignettes, revealing how God used each of them in His plan.

This Bible includes a unique topical index listing subjects of interest to single women. Under each topic are two entries. The first gives passages on the subject and the second gives the page of the devotion on that topic. The Bible could be read through, enjoying the devotions as they appear, or one can go to the topical index and find the devotion addressing the current need.

The text is the New International Version, the world's most popular modern language translation.

This is an encouraging Bible for single women. I recommend it.

Mary Hollingsworth is the general editor for the Bible. She planned and compiled the materials in it and wrote all of the profiles. She's been single for nearly 30 years and has authored over 100 books. She worked with twenty one other well-known single, Christian writers such as Luci Swindoll, Lisa harper, Helen Hosier, June Hunt, Sheila Bailey and others.

Zondervan, 1280 pages. See the publisher's product page here.

I received a complimentary copy of this Bible through the B&B Media Group for an independent and honest review.

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