Friday, November 23, 2012

On the 7th Day by T. D. Jakes

The toddler of a young black couple is abducted. As the police pursue an investigation, it becomes apparent that both the wife and the husband have issues they are hiding. Kari has made a new life for herself despite her troubled childhood. And David has something to hide too.
As the days go on, will the child be found before it is too late and will their marriage survive this stressful time?

I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. It was pretty well written and kept my interest. There are many issues covered in the plot, such as honesty, marital fidelity, forgiveness, loyal friendship, and more.
I was surprised by some of the language the Christians used. Perhaps it is a southern cultural thing. For this northerner, it was a bit of a shock.
Nonetheless, I appreciated the book as a good read and an example of literature from a part of the country far from me.

Atria Books, 320 pages.

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