Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska by Tricia Goyer & Ocieanna Fleiss

Ginny Marshall is a very popular singer. And her manager has great plans for her future. But Ginny is not ready. There is too much from her past she needs to take care of first.
Like her former fiancé, Brett Miller. She needed to talk to him. It had been two years since she had walked out of their relationship and sent the ring back. Back to Glacier Bay, Alaska.
Ginny decides to fly up to Glacier Bay and just talk to Brett. No one knows her better than he does, perhaps he can help her understand to do with her future.
When Ginny arrives in Glacier Bay, Brett is on an extended kayaking trip. Brett's Grandma Ethel convinces Ginny to stay with her until Brett returns. Ethel introduces Ginny to a collection of letters telling a love story from nearly a hundred years before.

The authors weave the current love story with the one from two generations before. The experiences are cleverly paralleled.
The strength of this novel is its setting. This is one in a series of romance novels taking place in various locations in the United States. The authors do a great job of weaving the history of the area into the story. One really gets a feel for the area.
The romance is pleasant. It would have been a bit slow but becomes quite interesting when paralleled with the historical story. The authors have done their research well.
The Christian themes are strong in this novel. Ginny is faced with the possibility of great success. And God has certainly given her a gifted voice. But is it what God wants?

This is not a page turning novel but it is a rewarding story to read. Not only will you get insight into an area of Alaska, but you'll read a pleasant romance too.

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Tricia Goyer is the award-winning author of more than thirty novels. She and her husband have four children and live in Little Rock, Arkansas. You can learn more about her at

Ocieanna Fleiss is a published author and editor. She lives with her husband and their four children in the Seattle area. Find out more at

Summerside Press, 316 pages.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from a publicity group for the purpose of this review.

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