Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Christmas Short Story by Melissa Tagg

Librarian Pennilynn Baxter likes life the way she likes her bookshelves – neat and tidy, arranged just so. Niggling doubts aside, getting engaged to the nice man she's been dating for two years is the obvious next step, right?

But on the snowy evening of the expected proposal, Penn discovers someone's been squatting in the old Victorian house she inherited from her grandparents. She finds herself back in picturesque Whisper Shore, Michigan, facing off with an intruder named Will who may not be what he seems.

This is a fun Christmas short - and it's a free download. Just go here to download a PDF, or read it online (like I did). It is a companion story to Tagg's novel Here To Stay, but this short is a great story all by itself. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a heart warming Christmas romance.

Go here to download the free short story. You can find out more about Melissa Tagg, the author, at that website too.

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