Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Devil Has No Mother by Nicky Cruz

Nicky Cruz turned his back on the devil in the 1960s when he was converted from his life as a New York gang leader. Even though he is now free from the devil's control, Nicky knows the devil is still at work deceiving others.

Nicky has noticed a disturbing trend within the church in recent years. 
“...Christians are becoming more and more ignorant about – and apathetic toward – the threat posed by the devil.” (124) We have forgotten we have an enemy. We are unaware of his schemes. We are no longer a threat to the devil and his wicked plans.

Nicky wants to change that and this book is his wake up call to Christians. The devil is real and active, Nicky reminds us. “Satan must be unmasked,” he writes. “He is not a harmless caricature or a myth left over from humanity's primitive past...He's a real being – and the most awful one we could imagine.” (17)

Nicky shares what he has seen and experienced in his fifty years battling the works of the devil. He shares his own fights with demons and how we might be attacked, the devil's disguises, and demon oppression. We will never escape the attacks of the devil, not until heaven. But knowing his tactics will help us be better prepared to fight, to understand the limits of his influence and our authority, and to have confidence in the Lord's ability to defeat evil.

The Lord is great and powerful and active on our behalf. We must remember that the devil is already defeated. Nicky shares many encouraging stories of victory over the devil. God is still very much at work doing miracles.

This is a book that Christians need to read. We have gotten complacent in our spiritual warfare and Nicky brings us back to the reality of our enemy. But he doesn't leave us helpless. He helps us understand spiritual warfare and the resources God has given us for the battle.

Nicky Cruz told his conversion story in Run Baby Run. Since his conversion he has traveled the world in evangelistic outreach. He is the founder of Nicky Cruz Outreach.

Worthy Publishing, 256 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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