Monday, June 1, 2015

Untangled by Carey Scott

Scott has given us a very honest look at our desire to feel good enough. She does a great job in helping us see how we look for approval in the wrong places and how our self-esteem can only come from Jesus.

She tells her own story of how her self-worth got so tangled. She was molested as a four year old, resulting in a gaping wound in her self-esteem that lasted most of her life. The belief that she was not good enough flooded every area of her life, bathing her in shame.

Scott explores the ways each of us can get tangled. She looks at poor self-esteem from comparison, insecurity, expectations, relationships, performance, and lack of perfection in areas like homemaking and parenting.

Besides sharing her own experiences, Scott includes encouraging stories of women who have seen their lives untangled. She adds some stories from the Bible too. At the end of each chapter are Scriptures to anchor her teaching, a prayer, and some very thought provoking questions.

Scott really helped me understand what I have let define me – everything from body shape to spiritual experiences. She gives very good insights into how we get tangled in our low self-esteem. She also reminds us of the One who can untangle us.

I just love the honesty with which Scott writes. She mentions all the things she's tried, like counseling, positive confession, visualization, self-help books and CDs, and journaling. “And here I am,” she writes, “still struggling to feel good enough.” I haven't read honesty like that in a long time!

Untangled is a very enlightening and encouraging book. It helps us understand why we are where we are and that only Jesus can heal our tangled and messy self-esteem so that we can become who He designed us to be. It's a journey, a journey Scott is still on. If you are ready for that journey, this book will get you on your way. I highly recommend it.

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Carey Scott is an author, speaker, and certified Bible life coach. She was born and raised in Texas but now lives in Colorado with her husband and their two children. You can find out more about her at her website and blog:

Revell, 224 pages.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an independent and honest review.
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