Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Holier Than Thou by Jackie Hill Perry

We know that God is holy but do we know what that means? Perry opened my eyes and helped me comprehend what God's holiness is and its impact. We are lastingly transformed, she reminds us, when we behold the glory of the Lord and that is what this book is about.

Her exploration of idols was enlightening. We choose an idol over God because we think it and not God can give us what we need. (98) We try to find identity in social media posts, or satisfaction in a bag of chips or a bottle of wine. Yet it is only in God, in Christ, we find everything we need. (101)

I really like her answer to those who emphasize that God is love (only). She points out their mischaracterization of God's entirety with only one attribute. (109) She writes about the futility of trying to be holy without the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. She helps us understand the connection of beholding and believing to becoming.

Is it important we keep in mind God's holiness? “At the point when we begin to think of God as being anything other than holy is the moment we are imagining a completely different god altogether.” (36)

I highly recommend this book to readers who want to embrace God as holy, behold His glory, and be transformed to His likeness.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

Jackie Hill Perry is an author, poet, Bible teacher, and artist. Since becoming a Christian, she has been compelled to use her speaking and teaching gifts to share the light of the gospel of God as authentically as she can. She is a wife and mom. You can find out more at 

B & H Publishing, 192 pages.

(My star ratings: 5-I love it, 4-I like it, 3-It's OK, 2-I don't like it, 1-I hate it.)

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