Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers

Rivers is a prolific writer with many awards to her credit. This novel is a fine example of her writing. The plot involves a misunderstood grandmother reunited with her granddaughter. A side story is the university student who needs an elderly person for a project and is matched with the grandmother. The story deals with abortion, family misunderstandings, marriage outside of the faith and euthanasia. All of those topics take over 400 pages to unfold but reading the entire book is worth it. You will be encouraged by the possibility of forgiveness and restoration after decades of estrangement.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow

What might happen if a conservative Christian girl takes a summer clerking position at a high power Savannah legal firm? What would the conservative Christian do if she was required to work on a libel case against an outspoken preacher?
Such is the dilemma of Tami Taylor. She has had strict religious upbringing (has long hair and only wears long skirts or dresses). But that background is exactly what makes her the firm’s choice to work on the case against a woman preacher who speaks out the truth God has given her. The preacher has accused a builder of being a sinner and he initiates a libel case in return.
Along with Tami’s possibility of being asked to compromise her beliefs, she is being courted by two young men, one with the firm and the other a summer clerk like herself. While both a Christians, neither have her conservative views.
Author Robert Whitlow covers many issues faced by Christians who go into the legal profession. It made me wonder if a lawyer could maintain a firm Christian belief and be successful in his career. Thrown in is just a hint of romance. The romance is definitely only a hint because Tami is so conservative in her views of such relationships.
Whitlow is no Grisham. There is not the high drama nor the intense plotline one might find in other novels of the legal profession. It is the second in the series so you might want to pick up Deeper Water (book one) before you read this one.