Friday, January 27, 2012

The Ultimate Prescription by Dr. James Marcum & Charles Mills

What are you putting in your mouth? Is it healthy for you?
Dr. Marcum asserts, “We've got to conclude that much of what we as a society are dumping into our bodies is wrong. Our diet is not helping us live healthy lives. As a matter of fact, the foods we are eating are hurting us...” (13) Marcum says we are still believing the lie of Satan, “Go ahead and eat it, you won't die.”
To get to the “ultimate prescription” for healthy living, we need to go to the One who created it. Included is more than just the foods you eat and the inactivity you experience. It includes your thoughts, worship and your love.
“Disease is often just a symptom of a life being lived out of step with the reality of how we were designed to live.” (33) Marcum “came to realize that health is a by-product, an end result, of a love relationship with God.” (41) For optimal health and well-being, it is essential we know and worship God. Marcum says you don't begin your journey back to health at the doctor's office. You begin with the Bible. (53)
He says the laws God set down at creation are vital for health. He goes through the creation days to reveal the essential nature of light, breath, water, plants, sunlight, and sleep. He writes of the healing nature of love, receiving and giving it. He gives practical suggestions for improving your nutritional intake.
“...[T]he truth is, chronic illness is not caused by a lack of pharmaceuticals. Breaking the divine laws of health is the real culprit.” (65)

I was really surprised at a few of Marcum's revelations. For example, cow milk is not good for you. “Milk doesn't build our ones. Instead, it causes our bodies to neutralize the intruder, thus actually removing calcium from our bones.” (146)
And a 2003 landmark study revealed “that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good.” (38) “The total number of iatrogenic [inadvertent physician-induced] deaths is 783,936. It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. The 2001 heart disease annual death rate is 699,697; the annual cancer death rate, 553,251.” (39) (See the abstract:
Marcum is not anti-medicine. He is a board-certified behavioral cardiologist. He includes in his book several Appendices giving specific medical information regarding symptoms and treatment of heart conditions.

This is not your typical book on health. Marcum really believes God set health laws in motion at creation. His is good advice for gaining and maintaining health the way God intended.
Marcum has included a discussion guide which would make this book a great choice for small groups centered on health.

Dr. James L. Marcum is a board-certified behavioral cardiologist with a thriving practice at the prestigious Chattanooga Heart Institute. He and Charles Mills co-host Heartwise, a call in radio program. Dr. Marcum also hosts two television programs and is a popular speaker on health care topics. He lives with his wife and two children in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Tyndale House Publishers, 247 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for the purpose of this review.

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