Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House of Mercy by Erin Healy

College-aged Beth aspires to being a veterinarian. She seems to knows intuitively how to help hurting animals. And sometimes she has a special gift as she sees a healing that goes beyond what is naturally possible. Beth anticipates returning to her family farm, a cattle ranch in southern Colorado that has been in the family for five generations.
But she makes a devastating mistake that might cause her family to lose the farm altogether. Her actions alienate her from her older brother and even her mother. Her father sticks by her, until the unthinkable happens.
There might be a way for Beth to prevent further destruction for her family. She must find the one man who might be able to help. When Beth's brother claims he sold her truck, Beth sets out to find him - on horseback, across treacherous mountains.
On her journey she again encounters the mysterious wolf – the wolf who was at the center of her devastating mistake. As she follows the leading of that wolf, she finds much more than she was looking for.

Erin has once again created an intriguing novel. As is her style, there is a theme of the supernatural that follows parallel to the plot. And she has portrayed Beth well as she struggles with the concept of miracles, why they sometimes happen and sometimes don't. There is also the strong theme of forgiveness and reconciliation as Beth's family must deal with decisions made long ago.
The strength of the book, I think, is how it deals with trusting in God when He does not always do what we think He should. Beth encounters people who have not been healed. One character, feeling she has been wronged by God because He has not healed her, asks Beth, “Why do you follow such a God?” Beth answers swiftly. “Because I believe he is good. Not because he gives me what I want, but just because he is. He doesn't owe me any other explanation.” (325)

This novel will challenge you to follow God because He is. Beth finds out that God does not always give us what we want. She learns that He has something much better for us in His plans.

Thomas Nelson, 366 pages.

Erin Healy is an award-winning fiction editor and has worked with many well known authors. She has co-authored with Ted Dekker and has written three novels herself. She and her family live in Colorado. Find out more at

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review

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