Saturday, December 1, 2012

90 Days Thru the Bible

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time yet many have not read it in its entirety.
The purpose of this book is “to draw the major themes out of each book of Scripture and to meditate on how each one contributes to God's great story.” (xii) While it is an overview, it also looks at the major characters, events and themes of the Bible.

Here are a few insights from this book.
Leviticus shows us the set apart aspect of holiness. The book of Ruth “ a case study in the scriptural truth that God lifts up the humble and draws near to the broken hearted.” (41)
While God is never mentioned in the book, “...the events of Esther seem to be clearly orchestrated by God... We too must read between the lines of our lives and decide whether our circumstances are merely random or overseen by a sovereign God.” (64)
From Psalms we learn to lament well. Jeremiah reveals God's desires for his people. We learn from Amos that we cannot measure ourselves by others. Nahum is a picture of how God will judge evil as a whole. Romans reveals God's plans in today's headlines.
Colossians reminds us that there's a lot of spirituality in the world that appears to be pure and wise and noble, but it is essentially empty.” (178)
Paul's letters to Timothy “reveal that church life in the first century was as messy as it is today.” (185) Peter's letters reveal that we should have a long term view. Jude reminds us that the gospel covers every area of life.

This book is designed primarily as a personal devotional and there are great Questions for Reflection at the end of each daily reading. The book could also be used for small groups as thirteen sections of discussion questions are included in an Appendix.

This would be a good introduction to the Bible for a new Christian and an excellent review for the seasoned one.

Chris Tiegreen has written several of the One Year devotionals. He has been a missionary, pastor, journalist, and university instructor. He is currently an editor at Walk Through the Bible.

Tyndale House Publishers, 233 pages. Publisher product page.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers for the purpose of this review.

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