Saturday, May 11, 2013

Success Over Stress by H. Norman Wright

Are you stressed? “Stress is any life situation that chronically bothers, irritates, or upsets you.” (5) With that introduction, Wright looks at what stress is and how it originates. Most of our stress comes from our own minds, he argues. He explores how to evaluate our stress and suggests how to make changes in various areas of our lives.

Wright provides questions for us to determine what is really important to us. He gives suggestions as we decide to discard or prune things in our lives. He looks at approaches to change. He writes about time and placing speed limits on our lives. He helps us learn how to balance our priorities, take mini breaks, recognize and deal with energy drainers, learn from children, evaluate and downscale our possessions, learn to live on less, deal with people who stress us out, what to do about the baggage we carry, the possibility of being over-involved spiritually, and the importance of rest.

He ends his book with a section on setting up our own plan for reducing stress. He has also added questions for thoughtful consideration at the end of each chapter.

Here are a couple of quotes from the book that really struck home for me.
The best source of energy for each day is the Lord.” (125)
What would glorify God the most in what I will choose to do today?” (197)

This is a very practical and necessary book. Each of us can benefit from Wright's well thought out suggestions.

H. Norman Wright has helped thousands through his counseling, seminars, and more than 90 books. Find out more about him and his books at .

Harvest House Publishers, 224 pages.

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