Saturday, August 24, 2013

Faithprints by Rebekah Binkley Montgomery

What are you doing for the Lord?”, Rebekah asks. “What Faithprints are you leaving on the world?”

Through your hands, Jesus can make Faithprints on those He wants to touch. Rebekah has written this book to inspire you to let Jesus use your hands.

She has divided her book into three sections. The first explores what individuals can do, such as visit prisoners, carrying the stretcher for someone else, and praying. Section two looks at getting others involved. She suggests starting a book discussion group, helping a family experiencing tragedy, and mobilizing a community response to disaster. The last section deals with the church. She writes about being welcoming, building a prayer team, and ministering to those who can be hard to help.

Rebekah gives many examples from her own life as to how Faithprints are left. She then gives you the tools you need to determine of that Faithprint is an activity for you. She includes ideas on how you can leave your own Faithprints, giving practical suggestions on how to get going. She also has great advice for leaving Faithprints on hard-to-help people. She lists resources in each area.

Rebekah is not naive. She reminds us that it can be messy and we are to go into it with our eyes open. She tells a couple of stories that make you laugh but also make you realize that without forethought, a dream of helping might turn into a nightmare.

It is easy to see that for a church to help the truly needy requires the wisdom of Solomon, the investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes, and a cohesive, well-thought-out policy by the benevolence committee.” (25)

This is a really practical book. Rebekah has done a great job of illustrating the various ways you can leave Faithprints and then helps you identify which one fits you. Her suggestions to help you get going are very good and she identifies possible areas of trouble too.

Rebekah shares lots of her own stories – too many, I think. At the end she says she didn't mean for this book to be so autobiographical. But, she adds, you can read about her and realize that if God could use a mess like Rebekah, God can use you.

If you have a dream of making a difference for Jesus and want to help people, this is a great book to get you on your way.

Rebekah Binkley Montgomery spearheads numerous public and private outreaches in the U.S. from hurricane relief to housing rehab to emergency food baskets. She was awarded the Kewanee Business and Professional Women's “2009 Woman of the Year.” She is also involved with Clamor de la Barrio (Argentina), Canaan Orphanage, Pierre Payen Hospital and Clinic (Haiti), and is establishing Haiti's first ever cancer clinic. She and her husband of forty years live in Illinois and have three grown children and three wonderful grandchildren. You can find out more at

Leafwood Publishers, 214 pages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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