Friday, June 26, 2009

Shepherd's Fall by W. L. Dyson

While Dyson has written other suspense novels, this is the first in the Prodigal Recovery Agency series. The siblings have inherited the fugitive recovery business from their father. The two sons actively operate the agency. A sister is absent because of a family event years ago that caused her to leave home.
The plot involves the escape of a criminal who has vowed to hurt the daughter of Nick, oldest brother and boss at the recovery agency. And yes, the girl does get abducted (one wonders how Nick could be so stupid as to not have someone watching over her). A subplot involves a woman trying to find her fugitive twin for a bone marrow transplant. The plots intertwine to a sufficiently happy ending.
This novel would be good for a book group. There are many dimensions to family relationships in the novel that would lend themselves to great discussions. There are no discussion questions provided at the end of the book but that should not inhibit the conversation.
The Christianity is not very noticeable in the book. The family seems to have been raised with a Christian influence but the characters ignore God in their adult life. Nick, in fact, is rather put out with God because things are not going well.
I do hate it when I can figure out better what to do than the main character. There is so much foreshadowing and threatening that you know the daughter is going to get abducted. So why is Nick (super fugitive tracker that he is supposed to be) to dumb to keep a watch on her?
With all the troubles going on during the book, the ending is a bit too neat. Are they all really going to live happily ever after? Book two in the series will tell.

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