Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deadlock by Robert Liparulo Book Review

The adventures of John Hutchinson continue as Brendan Page, owner of Outis, tries to eliminate him. Page is the father of the trouble making Declan who had tried to kill Hutch in Canada. Page uses the star wars type technology and mercenary soldiers of his (Blackwater style) company to hunt Hutch and his loved ones.

This is the second in the John Hutchinson novels (see my earlier review of Deadfall) and like the first is a combination of intense action and long periods of thought and musings. Just when the action is moving well, a character thinks...for a long time. Pages later, when the reader is returned to the action, the intensity has been lost.

Also like the first in the series, there is nothing really Christian about the novel. Oh, Hutch is a moral man and keeps his beers to two, but the novel would have been much better suited for the Christian market had at least one of the characters exhibited the thoughts and concerns of a believer caught up in a deadly situation.

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