Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado Book Review

At this time in which we live, it is hard not to fear. We fear that we do not matter and that we are unimportant. Though we are Christians, we fear we have or will disappoint God. We worry despite Jesus’ command not to. We fear for our children: their safety, their health, their future. We fear being overwhelmed by the events of life. We fear the worst is going to happen. We fear violence or a violent death. We fear for our financial future. We fear how our life will end and what will happen to us. We fear what the next surprise in life might be. We fear that God is not real. We fear global calamity.
Max Lucado uses Scripture and encouraging stories to address each of these fears. We tend to forget that we were made by God and are loved by Him. His love is perfect. His presence is with us. We forget that our children, our possessions, our health, our money, everything we have belongs to God. We forget that God provides for us and He asks us to trust Him for our well-being.
We forget that Jesus faced His fears in the garden with prayer. We forget that Jesus comforted his fearful disciples with His bodily presence and that we can find that same assurance in His body, the church, today. We forget that God is sovereign and world events serve His purposes.
Lucado encourages us to place all our fears in the hands of God except one. We fear God won’t stay in the box in which we have put Him. Count on it. He won’t. Plan on encountering the God Whom you should fear with awe, reverence and respect.
This book would be a great study for a small group. For such a use, a 38 page discussion guide is provided at the end of the book. These are troubled times but we are not to fear. Lucado helps us fight our fears by putting our faith in action through relying on the promises God has made to us.

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