Friday, October 9, 2009

Veiled Freedom by J. M. Windle Book Review

Relief worker Amy Mallory goes to Afghanistan and becomes the administrator of a compound that eventually houses Afghan women and children released from prison. She comes in contact with a privately contracted security person, Steve Wilson. He was in Kabul in 2001 when the city was liberated as a Special Forces individual. Then, there was dancing in the streets. Now the circumstances are very different with suicide bombers and government corruption. Throw into the mix a young man who wants revenge on the current Afghan Minister of the Interior.
While the subject matter is current and exciting, I found it somewhat difficult to read this book. Windle uses many abbreviations (such as CS, CP, etc.) which are not immediately explained in the text. That detracts from the flow of the story. There was also something about her writing, sentence structure, perhaps, that I found hard to follow. I remember reading a four line sentence, with several commas, four times, in order to understand the meaning. For those who like a gospel presentation in the book, you will be pleased.
Tyndale, #9781414314754, 432 pages.

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