Friday, November 6, 2009

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

Wilkinson thinks nearly all people have had an experience when they feel they have been touched by God. He calls this a miracle. He says such experiences need not be rare. "The truth is, you were born to live a supernatural life doing God's work by God's power." The aim of Wilkinson's book is to show the reader how to participate with God in experiencing daily miracles.
Wilkinson argues that doing good deeds will not be enough to meet the desperate needs of our time. Christians need to reclaim the miraculous as a normal way of life. God wants to use Christians in an everyday cooperation with the Holy Spirit.
If you love lists or how-tos, you'll love this book. If you have ever asked, "Can someone show me the steps to be used by God?", this is the book for you. There are four keys to a life of miracles, five signals that guide a miracle delivery, and more.
After you've read this book, you'll have no excuse. You will know how to place yourself in a position to receive the nudges from God that lead to a life of being used by Him.

Multnomah Books, 9781601421821, 221 pages.

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