Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Book by Brian Tome

Tome, pastor of 12,000 person Crossroads Church, it tired of rules, like having to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. His book gets off to a roaring start as Tome rants against the regulations of religion. But he quickly settles down for the long ride of discipleship.
Tome wants you to live in Christ's freedom. But that freedom isn't cheap. Becoming free is a process and is hard work. One has to work through fear, forgiveness and strongholds.
Tome starts out making freedom in Christ sound so good, so reachable, almost easy. But then reality sets in. "The bottom line is that if you want the full experience of God's freedom, you have to be willing to put forth the effort to work through the hard times and persevere until you reach your reward. It's a full on process that demands whole-hearted devotion to change in one particular area at a time." (P. 142)
Tome may have used a catchy title but it is the same old story. The Christian life takes commitment and discipleship. Getting to freedom in Christ is hard work.
If you are new to the Christian faith, great, grab this book. If you have been in Bible studies or discipleship groups you won't find anything new here.
This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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