Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

Beth Moore is passionate.  "[Her] life's passion is to see women like you [reader] really live and truly thrive."  (241)  This book is a result of her own journey to deal with insecurity.
She spends some time making sure the reader understands what insecurity is and that the reader is probably insecure (78%).  She reviews her own experiences (they'll make you laugh) and those of biblical characters.  She covers the causes of insecurities and gives many examples women who have shared their experiences.
It is not until the latter half of the book that Moore helps the reader deal with insecurities.  She advocates self talk against destructive thinking.  Even though we might feel insecure we are to make a deliberate choice to not act on that feeling.  She concentrates on the power to choose.  "The war will be won or lost in the battlefield of your mind."  (257)  
There are many practical ways to get the "secure woman" inside us out to the surface.  Included are two great prayers to use on a regular basis.  Women need to help each other.  Moore hopes to instill a case of "infectious security" the reader can pass on.
Moore admits hers is a "messy book."  For me, the book is long on the description of insecurity and short on the answer.  But the answer is there if you make it through half the book and her passion more than makes up for it.
Tyndale House Publishers, 350 pages.

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